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Yes it is that wonderful, glorious time of year again FALL!!!!!!!!!

I for one love fall and I love fall clothes.  I see grey is a big IT color this season, I might have to do something in grey.  But any whoo, when I was at home a few weeks ago I found the cutest pattern for a cape from Simplity 3959,

 I plan on making the red colored cape at the bottom right.  Here is the fabric I found for it cape, it is a plaid hounds-tooth with an orange stripe *can you tell i LOVE ORANGE*  I have this cute dark orange lining for it… i can wait to make it.

I also found a cute long dress pattern that also has a jumper with it.  Now ok I said i was not going to buy any more patterns….humm yeah ok i lied lol.  Simplicity was only a buck 99 i could not pass that up but i digress…. 

I got this pattern Simplicity 3671,  i am not feeling the way the sleeves are finished at the ends…i can change that though..i love this dress, i have yet to figure out what kind of material i am going to to use to make it….i will keep you all updated.  But i did find some velvety material that i just love and go it to make the jumper white velvet  I plan to make a jumper to wear in the cooler months to OES meetings.  I have to check to make sure this fabric is white white and not winter white other wise i will use it for something else 🙂

I plan on starting on the cape this week, i cant wait to get done so i can wear it…

I will keep you all posted…..



Confessions of a Pattern Addict

Is there any one else like me?

Owns 50-11 patterns but does not really have the time to make all the outfits she wants?

With JoAnn’s having a sale all the time on patterns its easy to stock up and then forget what you bought before.

I had to create a database on MS Access® to organize my patterns and to know what I have and what I don’t have.


So I have a plan…I have going to ban myself from buying patterns *unless its an amazing deal and just gotta have it * and start sewing some of this stuff.  I have 88 patterns and like humm 5 things I have made so far…and yes I have material.. I have a good 12 yards of white material untouched…so yes the kid is getting on the stick and doing something with this.


I will post later on which I plan to make first…I have a couple of DOI balls I am hitting I need at least 2 long white dresses and I want some new pants and skirts for work….


Stay tuned…


OH BTW if you want a copy of the database and you have MS Access let me know…


The Sole of the Matter

Ok ladies we know it is that time of year.  FALL!!!!!!! Back to School, time to put away the summer dresses and sandals and break out the boots and coats.

If your from the Mid-West like me * Chicago * you know it gets down right cold and windy in the winter.  But the months of Fall are my favorite.  I love buying new shoes and clothes for the fall….

I LOVE SHOES!!!!!! I don’t think there is any other way to say it… I love my shoes.  I can toss clothes with the quickness but I seem to keep shoes forever… at one point I had over 80 pairs…but I have had to part with some of my beloved shoes over the years…


But I have picked up a couple of new pairs to add to the collection this fall… I am not sure what I am going to sew or buy for the fall but I am off to a good start with the shoes I have bought.

I got these red shoes from Aersoles:

Red PatI just LOVE these… they are $89.00 at the Aerosole Store…yes I paid full price because wearing a size 9 shoe they go quick..infact i got the last pair in red in the size 9. 


I have been searching for a pair of tall boots for years…ever since my old pair died..well being the cheapo that i am i would wait until they went on sale and i would miss out on my size..well this year i went head and paid full price for a pair… i got these from Aerosoles also but there is no pic on the website…they kind of look like these but they are leather

I want to get another pair in brown with a higher heel…we shall see if i find a pair…

And lastely i found these lil gem’s at Nordstrom’s Rack….LADIES!!!!!! this place is the holy grail of shoes shopping…i love them better than DSW…*another addictive place to go*

I got these Charles David Exchange for $31 bucks *yes i was doing the happy dance in the store*

They sell them at but they are $99  on there…i might get the black pair from Zappos because these shoes are just too freaking cute…they made my legs look killer….


Now for shoes i want to buy….i am loving these brown ones from Zappos i might have to  break down and get these…

I saw these from nine west when i was in Macy’s and i have got to have these freaking shoes… yes in grey i dont own any grey but i will build an outfit around them lol

Are they just too freaking cute? lawd…. and these short boots i need a new pair…i killed my last pair i hated to toss them…

I am not sure what else i will find out there in shoe land but these last 3 might have to make it into my collection…. So to all my shoe lovers…what have you bought for the fall? who are some of your favorite designers of shoes?

Ladies…Holla if ya hear me….SOLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Making the Pattern Work

As most avid sewers know that the patterns like your clothes in the store dont always fit the way you want and how it says on the pattern.

So i found this book that is a GREAT!!!!! help in making alterations to your patterns so you dont have to add a panel to stuff like i have been doing…. lol

Vogue Sewing

You can purchase it on or Barnes and Noble….

It is a life saver….time saver too, it will also give you tips on materials, threads, etc….

Enjoy and Happy Sewing….

More Whites….

Ok as you all can tell i am a bit obsessed with whites. I need them for the work i do in the order…So when i cant find what i want.. i make it. Which is good and bad… I don’t always have as much time as i would like to sew…but any who…

Here we go with some of more of my creations:

this is my first white dress, it was a vogue pattern which is no longer in print. It had been a while since i sewed and did not realize that i should adjust the pattern because vogue cuts small….i still need to add a panel on each side to this dress so i can wear it…but it is made of a white brocade material i got from joann’s, the dress is long to the ankles and is sleeveless.

Since the pattern is out of print i found a Butterick pattern that is basically the same pattern just says Butterick…..

Now these next two attempts are my long whites. As many in the order know we need to wear long white *i.e. to the floor white dress or skirt* so i have 2. One has a train, one does not. I love a train on a skirt lol, both are made with white crepe back satin i got for a steal from joann’s:

I need to make a top to match but i have not gotten around to it..but i will show you all when i do. Here are the patterns for the two skirts one is out of print one is not, they are both simplicity:

I am going to try the full skirt with crepe back satin.

My last one and one of my favorites is my white fleece cape i made and embroidered the oes star in white on it *i have an


machine a small one* It is a McCall’s Pattern

Misr Temple/Court Ball 2007

The most advanced thing have made todate was a dress i made for Misr Ball. Being in DOI, you have to wear all white. I picked Vouge Pattern 2776 Vouge Pattern 2776, I LOVE this dress, i want to make another one in black, any whoo, i made the dress, but being a soild size 26 in patterns, and Vouge cuts small, i was not sure how to tackel this issue. So i choose a top from another pattern i had on hand. A Simplicty patter *i will post a pic of the pattern when i can find the cover sheet* FOUND IT WOOHOO lol i made the top from this pattern….

I ended up having to add about a 5″ panel in the skirt, and 2″ on each side of the top. I love the fabric, which is a very flowy polly that is close to the $33 a yard silk that i really wanted to use, but the kid is not ball’n like that.

Here is a pic of me before the ball in my dress

The caplett i loved this material and i want to make a couple more, for other events. I plan on finishing the dress to my satification before the next time i have to wear it. I need to adjust the top again, too loose at the bust and too snug on my midsection, plus i need to drop some weight which is a whole other blog lol, and the skirt is too big so i need to take some of the panel out and refinish the waist band. Also i will be adding some frog closures to the caplett and the skirt. I took the zipper out of the top. I dont like zippers in tops, yes i am odd that way lol.

Here are a couple more shots of me that night:


To take from one of my favorite movies, Sound of Music, “So A Needle Pulling Thread”…..

I love to sew…
truly wish I had more time to do it than I do. And being a pretty new member to the Order of the Eastern Star, which I need tons of white clothing for meetings, and other stuff we do.  So I thought I would blog my sewing adventuresI will start with posting some of the projects I want to tackle and post some of the things I have completed.  

Please feel free to comment, suggest and give any advice you have