Misr Temple/Court Ball 2007

The most advanced thing have made todate was a dress i made for Misr Ball. Being in DOI, you have to wear all white. I picked Vouge Pattern 2776 Vouge Pattern 2776, I LOVE this dress, i want to make another one in black, any whoo, i made the dress, but being a soild size 26 in patterns, and Vouge cuts small, i was not sure how to tackel this issue. So i choose a top from another pattern i had on hand. A Simplicty patter *i will post a pic of the pattern when i can find the cover sheet* FOUND IT WOOHOO lol i made the top from this pattern….

I ended up having to add about a 5″ panel in the skirt, and 2″ on each side of the top. I love the fabric, which is a very flowy polly that is close to the $33 a yard silk that i really wanted to use, but the kid is not ball’n like that.

Here is a pic of me before the ball in my dress

The caplett i loved this material and i want to make a couple more, for other events. I plan on finishing the dress to my satification before the next time i have to wear it. I need to adjust the top again, too loose at the bust and too snug on my midsection, plus i need to drop some weight which is a whole other blog lol, and the skirt is too big so i need to take some of the panel out and refinish the waist band. Also i will be adding some frog closures to the caplett and the skirt. I took the zipper out of the top. I dont like zippers in tops, yes i am odd that way lol.

Here are a couple more shots of me that night:



  1. Where you here in Charlotte for the big conference not to long ago??

  2. urbanknitrix Said:

    The dress is gorgeous and I love the top.

  3. sewingoesdiva Said:

    Thanks for the comments i love capelette too… i want to get some more fabric like it and make a few more lol…

  4. Noble Stallings Said:

    Sis./Dt. the site is on the money. Your dress looks great. I see Mecca all up in there. Dt. Renee should open her eyes though…lol

    Pyramid # 1

  5. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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