Confessions of a Pattern Addict

Is there any one else like me?

Owns 50-11 patterns but does not really have the time to make all the outfits she wants?

With JoAnn’s having a sale all the time on patterns its easy to stock up and then forget what you bought before.

I had to create a database on MS Access® to organize my patterns and to know what I have and what I don’t have.


So I have a plan…I have going to ban myself from buying patterns *unless its an amazing deal and just gotta have it * and start sewing some of this stuff.  I have 88 patterns and like humm 5 things I have made so far…and yes I have material.. I have a good 12 yards of white material untouched…so yes the kid is getting on the stick and doing something with this.


I will post later on which I plan to make first…I have a couple of DOI balls I am hitting I need at least 2 long white dresses and I want some new pants and skirts for work….


Stay tuned…


OH BTW if you want a copy of the database and you have MS Access let me know…



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  1. Cheryl Said:

    Hi My name is Cheryl and I’m a pattern addict too. I will the internet for hours looking and buying patterns to knit. I’ve bought old knitting magazines too looking for patterns. I think it’s in my genes. Because mom had boxes and boxes of patterns. She also had an extra large cedar chest filled with material.

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