The Sole of the Matter

Ok ladies we know it is that time of year.  FALL!!!!!!! Back to School, time to put away the summer dresses and sandals and break out the boots and coats.

If your from the Mid-West like me * Chicago * you know it gets down right cold and windy in the winter.  But the months of Fall are my favorite.  I love buying new shoes and clothes for the fall….

I LOVE SHOES!!!!!! I don’t think there is any other way to say it… I love my shoes.  I can toss clothes with the quickness but I seem to keep shoes forever… at one point I had over 80 pairs…but I have had to part with some of my beloved shoes over the years…


But I have picked up a couple of new pairs to add to the collection this fall… I am not sure what I am going to sew or buy for the fall but I am off to a good start with the shoes I have bought.

I got these red shoes from Aersoles:

Red PatI just LOVE these… they are $89.00 at the Aerosole Store…yes I paid full price because wearing a size 9 shoe they go quick..infact i got the last pair in red in the size 9. 


I have been searching for a pair of tall boots for years…ever since my old pair died..well being the cheapo that i am i would wait until they went on sale and i would miss out on my size..well this year i went head and paid full price for a pair… i got these from Aerosoles also but there is no pic on the website…they kind of look like these but they are leather

I want to get another pair in brown with a higher heel…we shall see if i find a pair…

And lastely i found these lil gem’s at Nordstrom’s Rack….LADIES!!!!!! this place is the holy grail of shoes shopping…i love them better than DSW…*another addictive place to go*

I got these Charles David Exchange for $31 bucks *yes i was doing the happy dance in the store*

They sell them at but they are $99  on there…i might get the black pair from Zappos because these shoes are just too freaking cute…they made my legs look killer….


Now for shoes i want to buy….i am loving these brown ones from Zappos i might have to  break down and get these…

I saw these from nine west when i was in Macy’s and i have got to have these freaking shoes… yes in grey i dont own any grey but i will build an outfit around them lol

Are they just too freaking cute? lawd…. and these short boots i need a new pair…i killed my last pair i hated to toss them…

I am not sure what else i will find out there in shoe land but these last 3 might have to make it into my collection…. So to all my shoe lovers…what have you bought for the fall? who are some of your favorite designers of shoes?

Ladies…Holla if ya hear me….SOLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Ebony Said:

    You have great taste in shoes! Now I know where to order from, since I’m not in the States right now!

    An Ebony Elite Sister

  2. Mina Said:

    Ok I knew you would get those shoes. I have them in the black patent leather had to snatch them up since I got boat oars for feet.

  3. sewingoesdiva Said:

    Thanks…i love shoes…. i can emailyou a few other sites too lol

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