The Size of It All

Ok I know it has been a minute since I last blogged, but I was uber busy and i have not had a chance to make any thing new. My good online buddy has been looking for some fall dresses, she is a size Large *reformed chunky girl gone missy size* any whoo she has been showing me some cute dresses that would work for a plus sized body as well, but does the store carry them in plus…..NOPE!!!!

Now for the life of me i can not see why these cute lil frocks would not be in a plus size.

This Dress is too cute but a last it is not in a plus size which i do not understand. Here is another

Both of these dresses could easily be made in a plus size and look very flattering on most plus sized women.

Why do some stores and designers think that if you are a plus sized woman you are 70 years old? Why would they think that a 34 year old woman because she is not a missy size would want to look like her grandmother?

This has been a thorn in my side for years, one of the reasons I sew, and i am going to start sewing more and making more time to sew. these 3 dresses are simple to make and just takes finding the right pattern, and if need be i will make my own freaking pattern. I am sick and tired of the mammie made clothes they try to pawn off on plus sized women.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to my Thick lub sista’s out there let me here you sound off about some of these ugly ass clothes many of these department stores try to get us to wear…….

Holla if you hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. maturenatural Said:

    I’m tired of the poor quality, ill-fitting fashion don’ts they’re putting out there. We spend TOO MUCH MONEY to have such a limited selection in the so-called “plus size” department/stores. We deserve better.

  2. sewingoesdiva Said:

    Amen to that….

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