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Am i the only one who is blown away at how quickly 2007 seem to run by?

Just Wow

while i didn’t have a banner ’07 it was not the worst year in the world either…..and i cant wait to see what 2008 has in store for me…..

I am hoping some of the things i have been wanting to do will come to a head and that some other things fall by the wayside
My family said good-bye to my great aunt, who was suffering from cancer….May She Rest in Peace

my brother got a new gig, and my middle brother finished his residency, and is about to make the big bucks, i got a new job and started this blog…. and those are just a few of the high lights and low lights of my year……

How was your year? What do you have planned for 2008?



It seems like 2008 will be a banner year in many many ways the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha will celebrate 100 years and Mecca Court No. 2 Daughters of Isis will also turn 100 years old. So you know what i am doing right now…looking for patterns *yes i said patterns i know i know * and dresses to wear for next year to the balls, imperial session, etc that i will need white formal for. David’s Bridal is one of my favorite places to look for inspiration for dresses. I want a wedding dress well a couple for my DOI Balls. Well being the pattern junkie i am i found this pattern

And oddly enough it looks just like this


Its the same dress but its $1,000 bucks…humm i know i can make that for a fraction of that price even with some trim on it.

I am not feeling the top but i love the skirt…

Here is a couple more that i want to get to make to build my OES and DOI wardrobe

This last one i am not quite sure what i am going to do with it but i love this top.

So here are a few that i am planning for the new year, plus a couple of other project i am going to finish for this year.

Happy Holidays and Happy Sewing