Ok back to the Sewing Board

Well the holidays are over, and I am very much looking forward to Spring….Well I picked up a few yards of fabric at Joann’s a few weeks ago and I will get to sewing very soon….


black and white fabric

green fabric

They are all silky prints, the first is a chocolate brown background with flowers, that are orange and baby blue, while i am not a big flower fan i love the baby blue and chocolate combo. The 2nd is a black background with white/grey/black circles on it. And the last is a cream with green/brown squares on it. I wanted more of each of these but a last it was the end of the bolt for all 3 i got about 3.5 yards of out of all of them.

Now what i am thinking of sewing.

McCalls Dress

So ok i want to make dress A, i have to find something to be the contrasting band at the bottom i have not found that fabric yet. And i plan to make one with out the sleeves, because i love the rounded collar style. I am going to make it with the black fabric, i might get something fancy to add to the bottom.

i have not quite figured out what i am going to make with the other two fabric, but i have a wide range of patterns to choose from.


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