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Spring 2008 Colors

So i was wondering what are the colors for this spring/summer so i went to Pantones Fashion Color Report for 2008

and this is what i found

Golden OliveGolden Olive
Spring CrocusSpring Crocus

Rococco RedRococco Red

Pink MistPink Mist
Daiquiri GreenDaiquiri Green

Snorkel BlueSnorkel Blue
Silver GraySilver Gray

i have not really decided if i like these colors yet. I am not a yellow fan so it will have to be paired with something in a print for me to wear it. I do like the Silver Gray and the Snorkel Blue but the rest just kind of leaves me blah. I have to see these colors out and on to see if am going to stick to my classics this spring….



Ok so you all know i am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, i am also a member of the Daughters of Isis.

And being in DOI i am required to wear formal long whites. So i got the bright idea to try to buy a wedding dress for my long whites, just as something different to wear for my long whites for DOI.

WWEEEELLLL i checked ebay for a dress where i would not be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress i was not wearing to a wedding. so i found this dress size 22, no stains and not a bad price………… So i pay 40 bucks for the dress and i get it in the mail. It is a size 20 *i am a 22 or 24 depending on the dress* and it has SEVERAL stains on the dress…. so you know i am hotter than hell about this, but i digress. Since the dress has stains on the front of the dress *which i think i can get out* i figured i would deconstruct the dress. I started yesterday, i will take a picture when i get home and post it.

It has some nice lace on it so will salvage that, and the dress is made out of white peau de soie, which i love because its not shiny like satin. So we shall see what i can make out of this dress. I will keep you all updated.


Yes Divas we love our shoes,

Well I got this link in an email…. i wanted to faint from the shoes i saw….

Here you can drool with me

It is from the New York Times…the man has some amazing taste in shoes…..

Spring Fling

Well its that time of year


Yes the flowers are budding, the weather is getting warmer, we are all ready to shead the winter clothes and get in to the cute dresses and sandals of spring and summer.

Well being the cheapo that i am, i see dresses i like but you know me not trying to pay full price. Plus I find as usual the cute stuff is not in my size, hell it aint even in the same zipcode. So I found some dresses that are inspiring me to find a pattern that is close to it and copy them

wrap dress

I love a wrap dress i have one in black that is a mock but i like this one with the cap sleeves although i think i will opt for a longer sleeve on mine. I found some cute jersey material at walmart of all places that i plan on making a wrap dress like this one or i saw at LB that they wanted way too much money for lol. here is a picture of it but its not that great 031008_lp_dresses.jpg

satin dress-classicblue classic dress

These two dresses are similar, i love the higher waist on the dresses and the classic lines, i want to make one in black so i can have the LBD which every woman should have at least 2 in her closet. I saw a nice stretch satin i would love to make it out of.

I also want a shift dress that does not look like a sack, like they do so many plus sized clothes just a big ass box. I have a shift dress but its a little snugg *we will discuss that later lol* so i am on the hunt for some nice cotton blend material to make that out of. *i think i have some white eyelet at home*

And last but not least i want one of those long flowy dresses that Unli from Project Runway Cycle 3 used to make. I am thinking of using some of the colors for for this spring i have to see. I found this pattern to make the dress from 3803.jpg

i hope to update you all soon on what i have made so far.


Well me and Mr. Man went to see Jill Scott in Richmond, VA can i tell you Jill is the TRUTH!!!!

Whew she did an awesome concert 2 hours str8. She was amazing, I cant wait to see her again.

Here is the picture of me in my Monifc dress, i am still trying new styles and cant wait until this summer to rock it some more.

me before Jill

mr man

She was truly amazing this is the 2nd time i have seen her in concert and i was not disappointed. Love you Jill….