Ok so you all know i am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, i am also a member of the Daughters of Isis.

And being in DOI i am required to wear formal long whites. So i got the bright idea to try to buy a wedding dress for my long whites, just as something different to wear for my long whites for DOI.

WWEEEELLLL i checked ebay for a dress where i would not be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress i was not wearing to a wedding. so i found this dress size 22, no stains and not a bad price………… So i pay 40 bucks for the dress and i get it in the mail. It is a size 20 *i am a 22 or 24 depending on the dress* and it has SEVERAL stains on the dress…. so you know i am hotter than hell about this, but i digress. Since the dress has stains on the front of the dress *which i think i can get out* i figured i would deconstruct the dress. I started yesterday, i will take a picture when i get home and post it.

It has some nice lace on it so will salvage that, and the dress is made out of white peau de soie, which i love because its not shiny like satin. So we shall see what i can make out of this dress. I will keep you all updated.



  1. how did it come out?

    did you try covering them with appliqués…

    I’m still wondering if it would be acceptable to wear white/cream susti to meetings…

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  2. essellode Said:

    Thanks for the post

  3. Dianne Said:

    I am too a DOI and having trouble finding a dress that will not make me look like a bride walking down the aisle. Please keep let me know your out come. I need a dress by Ocotber 10… still searching.

  4. erica Said:

    me too, i am DOI and OES and plus size, help!!

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