Pricing, Pricing, Pricing…..GONE

Any one who knows me well knows i am a COACH handbag junkie…ok i am a hand bag junkie any way but i LOVE LOVE LOVE coach handbag. i have owned one since i was 16 *i will be 35 this june* so that is over half my life i have had a coach in some form or fashion *btw i still have all my coaches* I love the craftsmenship of all of their items. I have accessories from coach, i have a tote, etc. But in recent years my love of coach has begun to wane….

Why you ask? well it started with the signature phenom, while i might be in the minority on this but i am not a big fan of the signature. To me that is a Gucci, Fendi, LV thing. And while i applauded Coach for trying to stay current and stylish i am not a fan of it. I own one bag and a cosmetic back with the signatures on it and they are not my favorites. I miss the all leather bags that I could afford. Coach is pricing out alot of its customer base with these high end prices. I am wondering if the quality of their products will start to go down with all the added new products like perfumes, and jewelry.

While i will continue to love Coach and their bags i am disappointed with each passing season with the bags they have come out with. But they do have some bad arse Shoes.. whew lol


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