Time to Make that Change

So its almost summer, i will be 35 in less than a month. I have no idea what i will do to celebrate and my money is funny…..soo i am looking for some changes in my life.. well mostly my hair…i dont know if it is because i have been letting my hair grow for the past 9 years or if it is turning 35 or because … the wind blew too hard….ion know..but i want a bob and some bangs….

Now i wish i was as brave as NIC in my DCSG group who has a short natural…..I LOVE IT!!! but i think my head and face are too big for all that… any who i am ready for the chop…so i have an appointment on Friday to see my stylist Tiffany who got a little too happy when i said i wanted to cut my hair… I dont know how the bob will look in the summer when i wear my hair naturally curly…I dont have a relaxer…but i do color my hair this lovely orange color…so fab on me ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here are a few styles i liked… not sure which one will talk to me but i will post pics after friday

Now this 2nd one i just love but i dont know if i am ready to go that short….we shall see


Here is my newย  hair cut ๐Ÿ™‚ new cut


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