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Whats all the Serge About?

I have been thinking about purchasing a serger for a few months.   I am still debating about it but should i?

Is it worth the money?

Can i do every thing with a serger that i do with my regular machine……

Aww the delima……


Tools of the Trade

The more I sew the more i see the need for good tools to help you along.  While trying to finish my maxi dress i finally used my dress form… IT WAS A GREAT HELP…..whew i am mad at my self for not using it sooner.  It made alterations and tailoring of the dress SSSSSOOOOOOO much easier

I got mine from Home Shopping Network, it is adjustable so as your body expands or shrinks it can be adjusted.  If you are serious about sewing you need one of these.

Dress forms come in regular and plus sizes, you can also invest in an exact form of your own body but these are more costly but worth the investment.  I have the plus size form….

Another good tool is a good iron with adjustable steam control…. OMG this can make even the worse seam look like it was done by a pro…. We have a rowenta *thanks to my brother, he is the clothing iron expert*  The iron we have is like this one…its a dream… LOVE IT….

These two items no sewer can do with out…



i finally finished my Maxi Dress

I know i am slow, but life takes hold at times….

here it is sorry the pics are dark my flash is acting crazy


So on my way home from my meeting, i decided that i needed to put together what i was going to sew with what fabric. I have a lot of fabric that needs to be made into something, and i need to get off my butt and get to sewing… soo i spent time tonight to organize what dress i will make with what material….

SSSSOOO here we go

\'70s Flash Back

I got this material, i love the ’70s-ish pattern on the material but didnt realize it was charmuse…. so i could not make what i had originally wanted to make.. so i opted to make this cute lil tunic top with it…

This material is a georgette that i love the pattern on… again didnt use it to make what i had thought i would so i found a cute top i could make out of it and wear a cami under

Last year i bought a nice red satin evening top, and didnt have any thing to wear with it… i found this great crushed velvet that i can make a nice long skirt with and be ready for the christmas/ball season early 😉

I wanted to make a jumper to wear to chapter/court meetings… so i got this KUTE crushed velvet material that said “WHITE”…yeah right.. that beast is cream lol but i will still make my jumper just wont wear to chapter/court meetings

I found this fabric in WALLY WORLD…gotta love Walmart… any who… it is a jersey material with again a ’70s-ish feel to it *do you see a theme here? lol* i saw a wrap dress at Lane Bryant and knew i could make the dress for less than the 60 bucks they were asking…so i have this McCalls pattern for YEARS and never found the right material to make it with…. NOW I HAVE IT woohoo… i love the sleeves on this dress…

I bought this material from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL…. I LOVE THEM!!! and miss them.. well i went home a couple of years ago and bought a gaggle of material… this is one of the ones left… again i thought it was white white..its more of an eggshell color…I thought this shift dress with the sweetheart neckline would be nice with this material…

Mini’s are back… glad i have great legs lol… i got this white eyelet from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Il and i am going to make the lil dress i need to get some lining and i will be set to go to make this one

I bought this fabric back in dec, didnt know what i would make with it, but i found this pattern memorial day at Hancock..they were having an INSANE sale… yes i hurt myself there lol

I love the funky circle on this material and thought it would be cute for this dress… I still have not decided if i am going to make it with sleeves or with out.. we shall see….

Last but not least the other maxi dress pattern i have.. but i am not going to make a maxi… i am going to make the mini dress…. now to find some where to go with all my new clothes i am making….