i finally finished my Maxi Dress

I know i am slow, but life takes hold at times….

here it is sorry the pics are dark my flash is acting crazy


So on my way home from my meeting, i decided that i needed to put together what i was going to sew with what fabric. I have a lot of fabric that needs to be made into something, and i need to get off my butt and get to sewing… soo i spent time tonight to organize what dress i will make with what material….

SSSSOOO here we go

\'70s Flash Back

I got this material, i love the ’70s-ish pattern on the material but didnt realize it was charmuse…. so i could not make what i had originally wanted to make.. so i opted to make this cute lil tunic top with it…

This material is a georgette that i love the pattern on… again didnt use it to make what i had thought i would so i found a cute top i could make out of it and wear a cami under

Last year i bought a nice red satin evening top, and didnt have any thing to wear with it… i found this great crushed velvet that i can make a nice long skirt with and be ready for the christmas/ball season early 😉

I wanted to make a jumper to wear to chapter/court meetings… so i got this KUTE crushed velvet material that said “WHITE”…yeah right.. that beast is cream lol but i will still make my jumper just wont wear to chapter/court meetings

I found this fabric in WALLY WORLD…gotta love Walmart… any who… it is a jersey material with again a ’70s-ish feel to it *do you see a theme here? lol* i saw a wrap dress at Lane Bryant and knew i could make the dress for less than the 60 bucks they were asking…so i have this McCalls pattern for YEARS and never found the right material to make it with…. NOW I HAVE IT woohoo… i love the sleeves on this dress…

I bought this material from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL…. I LOVE THEM!!! and miss them.. well i went home a couple of years ago and bought a gaggle of material… this is one of the ones left… again i thought it was white white..its more of an eggshell color…I thought this shift dress with the sweetheart neckline would be nice with this material…

Mini’s are back… glad i have great legs lol… i got this white eyelet from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Il and i am going to make the lil dress i need to get some lining and i will be set to go to make this one

I bought this fabric back in dec, didnt know what i would make with it, but i found this pattern memorial day at Hancock..they were having an INSANE sale… yes i hurt myself there lol

I love the funky circle on this material and thought it would be cute for this dress… I still have not decided if i am going to make it with sleeves or with out.. we shall see….

Last but not least the other maxi dress pattern i have.. but i am not going to make a maxi… i am going to make the mini dress…. now to find some where to go with all my new clothes i am making….


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