Tools of the Trade

The more I sew the more i see the need for good tools to help you along.  While trying to finish my maxi dress i finally used my dress form… IT WAS A GREAT HELP…..whew i am mad at my self for not using it sooner.  It made alterations and tailoring of the dress SSSSSOOOOOOO much easier

I got mine from Home Shopping Network, it is adjustable so as your body expands or shrinks it can be adjusted.  If you are serious about sewing you need one of these.

Dress forms come in regular and plus sizes, you can also invest in an exact form of your own body but these are more costly but worth the investment.  I have the plus size form….

Another good tool is a good iron with adjustable steam control…. OMG this can make even the worse seam look like it was done by a pro…. We have a rowenta *thanks to my brother, he is the clothing iron expert*  The iron we have is like this one…its a dream… LOVE IT….

These two items no sewer can do with out…


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  1. Monica DeBoer Said:

    I am engaged to be married and I want to make my own simple yet elegant wedding dress I can make skirts free hand but i cannot make a dress free hand obviously but i was wondering if you would be kind enough to let me know where you bought your plus sized dress model from I would really appreciate it. Please and Thank you.
    Monica Lynn~

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