Hair Today…..

Gone Tomorrow…….

As some of you all know i am a gemini, i love to change up my looks from cutting my hair, to wearing colored contacts the whole nine…. i recently cut my hair even shorter, but as always when i cut my hair i long for long hair.   So i have found that wigs are a great way to change up my look.  One great wig i found is Bali Girl by Freetress, i got mine from Hair Sisters, GREAT WIG…i love it… it is such a sexy wig even my sweetie liked it lol.

I found out about the wig from some of the YouTuber’s i follow and just had to have it.  Now most Divas get it in the blondish color but you know i have to be different, i got in with Red Highlits the 3T350 .  I have gotten a few other wigs but this one is my favorite, the picture does not do it justice.  I will post a few pics of Bali Girl and i will have to do another blog on the rest of my collection…..

aint she fly

aint she fly

Went Shorter in March

Went Shorter in March


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