2009….GOING, GOING, GONE!!!!

I can believe it is the 16th of December, this year has flown by but not really in a good way.

Let me first say I am truely Blessed, I have had a rocky year and I am still here, but it was really rocky, and I can not say that i am sad to see 2009 close out.

It is the end of the first decade of the new century, we have seen some wild ass changes this past 10 years.  Who knew that i would end up in Maryland living.

Who knew that the little known Senator with the name no body could say his name would be the first Black President of the United States would be elected in 2008

Who knew i would be doing sewing as a side gig and makeup…who knew….

*side note i just LOVE JILL SCOTT!!!!*

Yes in 2009 i decided to open up my own sewing biz and specialize in plus sized white clothes for curvy women.  Doing my first fashion show this fall made me realize i need to do the makeup for my clothes so they can look how i want them to…so i decided to do make up too.  I got back into makeup inspired from YouTube *so addicted*

But i have had other issues from work to personal that have kind of kicked the wind out of my Sails sometimes

2009 has been a year of suprises for me, and i am ready to see her go.  I know 2010 will have bigger and better things in store for me.

Look for changes to Sew Sew Cute Creations in the upcoming year, we have expanded to designing clothes and to doing make-up.  There will be some changes to the blog

So stay tuned, have a great HOLIDAY!!!!!! AND BE BLESSED

see you in 2010 where we are getting it in…


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