I am Vonetta, avid Sewer and beginning crocheter.  I love arts and crafts and try to be crafty with most things.  I am 34, single, no kids, and have a cat name Osiris.  I am from Chicago, living in B’More currently.

I am a die hard CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!!!! Fan  and  a DIE HARD TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY ALUMNI!!!!!!!!!

I am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star…If you have questions about it feel free to email me and ask….

Thats about it..i am pretty simple most days….




  1. dorinda Said:

    What type of gift baskets do you have for mother’s day and do you sew for other people, too. I am a big girl, size 18 (between 16/18) and have difficulty finding things to fit my hips and thighs more or less. If not, could you refer me to a seamstress?

    OES/PHA Naomi#9
    Daughters of Isis Mecca#2
    Oasis of Washington

  2. Chrissie Said:

    I agree with you regarding Coach. I used to love them because of the understated nature of the products as well as the craftsmanship. I looked forward to being able to purchase my FIRST COACH. When I was in search of one, I couldnt find anything but alot of clownish looking merchandise. I currently have a little brown wristlet that I adore and I have seen a few items in the outlets. I do hope Coach gets back to the classic looks that made them popular.

  3. sharon Said:

    I stumbled across your web site tonight, and I must say I’m excited that I randomly met another SiStar! AND a Chicago fan at that! 🙂

    God Bless, Sister 🙂
    Sharon Murphy, Secretary
    Guiding Star Chapter No. 69

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