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Yes Divas I had my first Fashion Show

I need to redo the video but here it is……

Check back for more updates and fashion shows…..



I finally got my samples going

Check out my lastest youtube vid….


So what colors do the fashions Guru’s have for us this spring?

straight from Pantone

I am not sure if i like all of these colors but i do love the Rose Dust, Fuchsia Red and Lavender, at first glance i will have to see how i can work these colors this spring….HAPPY SHOPPING ūüôā

Fuchsia Red
PANTONE 18-2328
CMYK 27 97 4 0
Salmon Rose
PANTONE 15-1626
CMYK 0 50 24 0
Palace Blue
PANTONE 18-4043
CMYK 81 36 1 0
Lucite Green
PANTONE 14-5714
CMYK 48 0 31 0
Super Lemon
PANTONE 14-0754
CMYK 4 12 98 1
Dark Citron
PANTONE 16-0435
CMYK 42 10 83 0
PANTONE 15-3817
CMYK 33 32 0 0
Vibrant Green
PANTONE 16-6339
CMYK 60 4 70 0
Slate Gray
PANTONE 16-5804
CMYK 45 21 28 2
Rose Dust
PANTONE 14-1307
CMYK 17 25 27 0

Tools of the Trade

The more I sew the more i see the need for good tools to help you along.¬† While trying to finish my maxi dress i finally used my dress form… IT WAS A GREAT HELP…..whew i am mad at my self for not using it sooner.¬† It made alterations and tailoring of the dress SSSSSOOOOOOO much easier

I got mine from Home Shopping Network, it is adjustable so as your body expands or shrinks it can be adjusted.  If you are serious about sewing you need one of these.

Dress forms come in regular and plus sizes, you can also invest in an exact form of your own body but these are more costly but worth the investment.¬† I have the plus size form….

Another good tool is a good iron with adjustable steam control…. OMG this can make even the worse seam look like it was done by a pro…. We have a rowenta *thanks to my brother, he is the clothing iron expert*¬† The iron we have is like this one…its a dream… LOVE IT….

These two items no sewer can do with out…



i finally finished my Maxi Dress

I know i am slow, but life takes hold at times….

here it is sorry the pics are dark my flash is acting crazy


So on my way home from my meeting, i decided that i needed to put together what i was going to sew with what fabric. I have a lot of fabric that needs to be made into something, and i need to get off my butt and get to sewing… soo i spent time tonight to organize what dress i will make with what material….

SSSSOOO here we go

\'70s Flash Back

I got this material, i love the ’70s-ish pattern on the material but didnt realize it was charmuse…. so i could not make what i had originally wanted to make.. so i opted to make this cute lil tunic top with it…

This material is a georgette that i love the pattern on… again didnt use it to make what i had thought i would so i found a cute top i could make out of it and wear a cami under

Last year i bought a nice red satin evening top, and didnt have any thing to wear with it… i found this great crushed velvet that i can make a nice long skirt with and be ready for the christmas/ball season early ūüėČ

I wanted to make a jumper to wear to chapter/court meetings… so i got this KUTE crushed velvet material that said “WHITE”…yeah right.. that beast is cream lol but i will still make my jumper just wont wear to chapter/court meetings

I found this fabric in WALLY WORLD…gotta love Walmart… any who… it is a jersey material with again a ’70s-ish feel to it *do you see a theme here? lol* i saw a wrap dress at Lane Bryant and knew i could make the dress for less than the 60 bucks they were asking…so i have this McCalls pattern for YEARS and never found the right material to make it with…. NOW I HAVE IT woohoo… i love the sleeves on this dress…

I bought this material from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL…. I LOVE THEM!!! and miss them.. well i went home a couple of years ago and bought a gaggle of material… this is one of the ones left… again i thought it was white white..its more of an eggshell color…I thought this shift dress with the sweetheart neckline would be nice with this material…

Mini’s are back… glad i have great legs lol… i got this white eyelet from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Il and i am going to make the lil dress i need to get some lining and i will be set to go to make this one

I bought this fabric back in dec, didnt know what i would make with it, but i found this pattern memorial day at Hancock..they were having an INSANE sale… yes i hurt myself there lol

I love the funky circle on this material and thought it would be cute for this dress… I still have not decided if i am going to make it with sleeves or with out.. we shall see….

Last but not least the other maxi dress pattern i have.. but i am not going to make a maxi… i am going to make the mini dress…. now to find some where to go with all my new clothes i am making….

The Maxi

Well i finally started on my maxi dress woohoo. I got pattern New Look 6774 size 22. Now this is the first time i have made a New Look Pattern.

the material I used was a knit rayon light weight nice and flowy….i got it from fabric.comfabric

I didnt really care for the directions on the dress…. i muddled through it.

It called for a lining, i hate linings but found it needed one… so i used the left over material to line it.

I thought i could do a tie halter but that is not working so i will tact down the straps and take the dress in. It is too big. but i cant wait to finish and sport this dress this summer… i need to find some shoes to match ūüôā

Here is the dress i will have to post a better picture this week.

maxi dress

the Max for the Maxi

So i am looking online for ideas for dresses for the summer and what do i see Mini dresses and Maxi dresses. i have been dying for a maxi dress since last summer when they first started coming out. but of course i could not find one in my size. I see they are back this summer and i am loving the prints that they are coming in. so i was on Net-a-porter looking for inspiration. And this is what i foundMoschino

I LOVE THIS DRESS *the first one from the left* but the price tag had my eyes pop out…. so i found this

New Look Pattern 6774 which has interchangeable bodice and skirt woohoo we have a winner so here are some of the fabrics i have found online that i am thinking of getting

the first two are rayon the last one is silk from Mood in NYC but i am not sure if i want to make a sun dress out of silk but ooh i love it lol

so folks let me know what you think?

i will keep you up dated on what i am going to make


Ok so you all know i am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, i am also a member of the Daughters of Isis.

And being in DOI i am required to wear formal long whites. So i got the bright idea to try to buy a wedding dress for my long whites, just as something different to wear for my long whites for DOI.

WWEEEELLLL i checked ebay for a dress where i would not be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress i was not wearing to a wedding. so i found this dress size 22, no stains and not a bad price………… So i pay 40 bucks for the dress and i get it in the mail. It is a size 20 *i am a 22 or 24 depending on the dress* and it has SEVERAL stains on the dress…. so you know i am hotter than hell about this, but i digress. Since the dress has stains on the front of the dress *which i think i can get out* i figured i would deconstruct the dress. I started yesterday, i will take a picture when i get home and post it.

It has some nice lace on it so will salvage that, and the dress is made out of white peau de soie, which i love because its not shiny like satin. So we shall see what i can make out of this dress. I will keep you all updated.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Yes folks it is cold out there…now mind you not as cold as my home town of Chicago but cold enough. So what did the craft Diva do? I made myself a jumper,

It is a simplicty Pattern which i will have to scan and post. It was VERY simple i need to make a couple more of these to wear on the go. The Material is a stretch knit with the funky circles and sheer stripe. I plan to wear a white men’s shirt or a white turtle neck under it.

The Stretch knit was a beast to work with and cut out *my first time* but it was not too bad after i got the hang of it. Great relaxing way to spend my Thanksgiving weekend…


Yes it is that wonderful, glorious time of year again FALL!!!!!!!!!

I for one love fall and I love fall clothes.  I see grey is a big IT color this season, I might have to do something in grey.  But any whoo, when I was at home a few weeks ago I found the cutest pattern for a cape from Simplity 3959,

¬†I plan on making the red colored cape at the bottom right.¬† Here is the fabric I found for it cape, it is a plaid hounds-tooth with an orange stripe *can you tell i LOVE ORANGE*¬† I have this cute dark orange lining for it… i can wait to make it.

I also found a¬†cute long dress pattern that also has a jumper with it.¬† Now ok¬†I said i was not going to buy any more¬†patterns….humm yeah ok i lied lol.¬† Simplicity¬†was only a buck 99 i could not pass that up but i digress….¬†

I got this pattern Simplicity 3671, ¬†i am not feeling the way the sleeves are finished at the ends…i can change that though..i love this dress, i have yet to figure out what kind of material i am going to to use to make it….i will keep you all updated.¬† But i did find some velvety material that i just love and go it to make the jumper white¬†velvet¬† I plan to make a jumper to wear in the cooler months to OES meetings.¬† I have to check to make sure this fabric is white white and not winter white other wise i will use it for something else ūüôā

I plan on starting on the cape this week, i cant wait to get done so i can wear it…

I will keep you all posted…..


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