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2009….GOING, GOING, GONE!!!!

I can believe it is the 16th of December, this year has flown by but not really in a good way.

Let me first say I am truely Blessed, I have had a rocky year and I am still here, but it was really rocky, and I can not say that i am sad to see 2009 close out.

It is the end of the first decade of the new century, we have seen some wild ass changes this past 10 years.  Who knew that i would end up in Maryland living.

Who knew that the little known Senator with the name no body could say his name would be the first Black President of the United States would be elected in 2008

Who knew i would be doing sewing as a side gig and makeup…who knew….

*side note i just LOVE JILL SCOTT!!!!*

Yes in 2009 i decided to open up my own sewing biz and specialize in plus sized white clothes for curvy women.  Doing my first fashion show this fall made me realize i need to do the makeup for my clothes so they can look how i want them to…so i decided to do make up too.  I got back into makeup inspired from YouTube *so addicted*

But i have had other issues from work to personal that have kind of kicked the wind out of my Sails sometimes

2009 has been a year of suprises for me, and i am ready to see her go.  I know 2010 will have bigger and better things in store for me.

Look for changes to Sew Sew Cute Creations in the upcoming year, we have expanded to designing clothes and to doing make-up.  There will be some changes to the blog

So stay tuned, have a great HOLIDAY!!!!!! AND BE BLESSED

see you in 2010 where we are getting it in…



Yes Divas I had my first Fashion Show

I need to redo the video but here it is……

Check back for more updates and fashion shows…..


I finally got my samples going

Check out my lastest youtube vid….

ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEW SEW CUTE CREATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES My sewing Biz…. for the Curvy Diva, OES Whites, DOI Whites, and just about any thing else.  I am launching a few days late but it is here……Check out my YouTube Vid…..please email me for more information or questions or comments….

I want to THANK all my family, friends, Sisters, Sorors, etc. who have helped me this far…i would not have made it with out you all…..

I look forward to making great clothes for wonderful people….

Much love


Hair Today…..

Gone Tomorrow…….

As some of you all know i am a gemini, i love to change up my looks from cutting my hair, to wearing colored contacts the whole nine…. i recently cut my hair even shorter, but as always when i cut my hair i long for long hair.   So i have found that wigs are a great way to change up my look.  One great wig i found is Bali Girl by Freetress, i got mine from Hair Sisters, GREAT WIG…i love it… it is such a sexy wig even my sweetie liked it lol.

I found out about the wig from some of the YouTuber’s i follow and just had to have it.  Now most Divas get it in the blondish color but you know i have to be different, i got in with Red Highlits the 3T350 .  I have gotten a few other wigs but this one is my favorite, the picture does not do it justice.  I will post a few pics of Bali Girl and i will have to do another blog on the rest of my collection…..

aint she fly

aint she fly

Went Shorter in March

Went Shorter in March

It’s Back to the 70’s

I am in a group called Curvy Diamond Divas (CCD), a yahoo group community that has some of the most amazing people in it.  CCD had a 70’s party

70s flyer

70s flyer

So any one who knows me knows i love the 70’s, if i could have gotten some Pucci print fabric but a last i could not.  But i did have some fabric I bought last year from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago (which i miss dearly btw).  So i made a Mini Dress from two patterns, Simplicity Patterns 3539 for the dress and another Simplicity Pattern for the sleeves *i have to find it to post*.  I had a few issues with the bodice but after i worked them out, i think the dress came out pretty good i have some material left over, i might make a little top with it.  So i bought an afro wig from Hair, this thing is huge, i mean massive, i got the hair flower from My Diva’s Closet, the shoes were a steal when Fileen’s Basement was closing :(, i got the wedges for 4.99, black satin Steve Maddens.

Let me know what you think of my 70’s Look.  I made a little video of it also.

mini dress

mini dress



ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes Every one i am opening up my own shop…. OES Whites for the Curvy OES Diva…

Stay Posted for more info….


So what colors do the fashions Guru’s have for us this spring?

straight from Pantone

I am not sure if i like all of these colors but i do love the Rose Dust, Fuchsia Red and Lavender, at first glance i will have to see how i can work these colors this spring….HAPPY SHOPPING 🙂

Fuchsia Red
PANTONE 18-2328
CMYK 27 97 4 0
Salmon Rose
PANTONE 15-1626
CMYK 0 50 24 0
Palace Blue
PANTONE 18-4043
CMYK 81 36 1 0
Lucite Green
PANTONE 14-5714
CMYK 48 0 31 0
Super Lemon
PANTONE 14-0754
CMYK 4 12 98 1
Dark Citron
PANTONE 16-0435
CMYK 42 10 83 0
PANTONE 15-3817
CMYK 33 32 0 0
Vibrant Green
PANTONE 16-6339
CMYK 60 4 70 0
Slate Gray
PANTONE 16-5804
CMYK 45 21 28 2
Rose Dust
PANTONE 14-1307
CMYK 17 25 27 0

HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!




Yes i have been gone for a while…we have a house guest so i have not been able to create…..

But it’s a new year and i am ready to take over 2009….2008 was a rough year, not a bad year just rough…happy to see it go

Some changes will be going on in 2009, i have decided to do sewing as a profession, at least on the side…look for more info in April 🙂

I am also taking a correspondence class on dressmaking and design, i am so excited 🙂

Currently i am cleaning out a space for me to work…so stay posted 🙂


I have finally completed my cape, only a year in the making.

I used Simplicity Pattern 3959



I used  a tweed houndstooth with orange going throught it, with an orange lining

This is the first time i have made a cape like this and i love it…. it was a bit tricky in some spots but i worked through it.. i had issues with making the button hole so i am going to find a frog closure and use that instead 🙂

i am really excited and cant wait to wear it…..

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