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A Day In History

I sit back and reflect on January 20, 2009 and how this day will go down in history.  The day many of us young and old never thought we would live to see.  A day where the old guard has changed.  Where not only black men and women but every other race of people came together and did a collective sigh and cry.  That this man is giving us hope for the future, like the old negro spiritual “Lift Every Voice and Sing”


President Obama is a different kind of Prez, he is calling not only for congress and our elected leaders to come together he is calling for ALL Americans to come together, roll up their sleeves and help out their fellow man. To get back to some traditional ways of doing thing and life.  You dont have to be rich and famous to give your time to your community.

While the economy is still in the dumper and we are still at war, i can smile a little brighter and breath a little easier that some of the Dream that Dr. King had as come to pass….

If you are intersted in volunteering please check out

Please each one give back, reach out and help some one else 🙂



Am i the only one who is blown away at how quickly 2007 seem to run by?

Just Wow

while i didn’t have a banner ’07 it was not the worst year in the world either…..and i cant wait to see what 2008 has in store for me…..

I am hoping some of the things i have been wanting to do will come to a head and that some other things fall by the wayside
My family said good-bye to my great aunt, who was suffering from cancer….May She Rest in Peace

my brother got a new gig, and my middle brother finished his residency, and is about to make the big bucks, i got a new job and started this blog…. and those are just a few of the high lights and low lights of my year……

How was your year? What do you have planned for 2008?

The Size of It All

Ok I know it has been a minute since I last blogged, but I was uber busy and i have not had a chance to make any thing new. My good online buddy has been looking for some fall dresses, she is a size Large *reformed chunky girl gone missy size* any whoo she has been showing me some cute dresses that would work for a plus sized body as well, but does the store carry them in plus…..NOPE!!!!

Now for the life of me i can not see why these cute lil frocks would not be in a plus size.

This Dress is too cute but a last it is not in a plus size which i do not understand. Here is another

Both of these dresses could easily be made in a plus size and look very flattering on most plus sized women.

Why do some stores and designers think that if you are a plus sized woman you are 70 years old? Why would they think that a 34 year old woman because she is not a missy size would want to look like her grandmother?

This has been a thorn in my side for years, one of the reasons I sew, and i am going to start sewing more and making more time to sew. these 3 dresses are simple to make and just takes finding the right pattern, and if need be i will make my own freaking pattern. I am sick and tired of the mammie made clothes they try to pawn off on plus sized women.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to my Thick lub sista’s out there let me here you sound off about some of these ugly ass clothes many of these department stores try to get us to wear…….

Holla if you hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confessions of a Pattern Addict

Is there any one else like me?

Owns 50-11 patterns but does not really have the time to make all the outfits she wants?

With JoAnn’s having a sale all the time on patterns its easy to stock up and then forget what you bought before.

I had to create a database on MS Access® to organize my patterns and to know what I have and what I don’t have.


So I have a plan…I have going to ban myself from buying patterns *unless its an amazing deal and just gotta have it * and start sewing some of this stuff.  I have 88 patterns and like humm 5 things I have made so far…and yes I have material.. I have a good 12 yards of white material untouched…so yes the kid is getting on the stick and doing something with this.


I will post later on which I plan to make first…I have a couple of DOI balls I am hitting I need at least 2 long white dresses and I want some new pants and skirts for work….


Stay tuned…


OH BTW if you want a copy of the database and you have MS Access let me know…


Misr Temple/Court Ball 2007

The most advanced thing have made todate was a dress i made for Misr Ball. Being in DOI, you have to wear all white. I picked Vouge Pattern 2776 Vouge Pattern 2776, I LOVE this dress, i want to make another one in black, any whoo, i made the dress, but being a soild size 26 in patterns, and Vouge cuts small, i was not sure how to tackel this issue. So i choose a top from another pattern i had on hand. A Simplicty patter *i will post a pic of the pattern when i can find the cover sheet* FOUND IT WOOHOO lol i made the top from this pattern….

I ended up having to add about a 5″ panel in the skirt, and 2″ on each side of the top. I love the fabric, which is a very flowy polly that is close to the $33 a yard silk that i really wanted to use, but the kid is not ball’n like that.

Here is a pic of me before the ball in my dress

The caplett i loved this material and i want to make a couple more, for other events. I plan on finishing the dress to my satification before the next time i have to wear it. I need to adjust the top again, too loose at the bust and too snug on my midsection, plus i need to drop some weight which is a whole other blog lol, and the skirt is too big so i need to take some of the panel out and refinish the waist band. Also i will be adding some frog closures to the caplett and the skirt. I took the zipper out of the top. I dont like zippers in tops, yes i am odd that way lol.

Here are a couple more shots of me that night:

If This Blog Was Mine…..

Yes i am back and blogging…

dont every one jump up and cheer lol

check back every now and then