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I finally got my samples going

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ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YES My sewing Biz…. for the Curvy Diva, OES Whites, DOI Whites, and just about any thing else.  I am launching a few days late but it is here……Check out my YouTube Vid…..please email me for more information or questions or comments….

I want to THANK all my family, friends, Sisters, Sorors, etc. who have helped me this far…i would not have made it with out you all…..

I look forward to making great clothes for wonderful people….

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Ok so you all know i am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, i am also a member of the Daughters of Isis.

And being in DOI i am required to wear formal long whites. So i got the bright idea to try to buy a wedding dress for my long whites, just as something different to wear for my long whites for DOI.

WWEEEELLLL i checked ebay for a dress where i would not be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress i was not wearing to a wedding. so i found this dress size 22, no stains and not a bad price………… So i pay 40 bucks for the dress and i get it in the mail. It is a size 20 *i am a 22 or 24 depending on the dress* and it has SEVERAL stains on the dress…. so you know i am hotter than hell about this, but i digress. Since the dress has stains on the front of the dress *which i think i can get out* i figured i would deconstruct the dress. I started yesterday, i will take a picture when i get home and post it.

It has some nice lace on it so will salvage that, and the dress is made out of white peau de soie, which i love because its not shiny like satin. So we shall see what i can make out of this dress. I will keep you all updated.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Yes folks it is cold out there…now mind you not as cold as my home town of Chicago but cold enough. So what did the craft Diva do? I made myself a jumper,

It is a simplicty Pattern which i will have to scan and post. It was VERY simple i need to make a couple more of these to wear on the go. The Material is a stretch knit with the funky circles and sheer stripe. I plan to wear a white men’s shirt or a white turtle neck under it.

The Stretch knit was a beast to work with and cut out *my first time* but it was not too bad after i got the hang of it. Great relaxing way to spend my Thanksgiving weekend…

More Whites….

Ok as you all can tell i am a bit obsessed with whites. I need them for the work i do in the order…So when i cant find what i want.. i make it. Which is good and bad… I don’t always have as much time as i would like to sew…but any who…

Here we go with some of more of my creations:

this is my first white dress, it was a vogue pattern which is no longer in print. It had been a while since i sewed and did not realize that i should adjust the pattern because vogue cuts small….i still need to add a panel on each side to this dress so i can wear it…but it is made of a white brocade material i got from joann’s, the dress is long to the ankles and is sleeveless.

Since the pattern is out of print i found a Butterick pattern that is basically the same pattern just says Butterick…..

Now these next two attempts are my long whites. As many in the order know we need to wear long white *i.e. to the floor white dress or skirt* so i have 2. One has a train, one does not. I love a train on a skirt lol, both are made with white crepe back satin i got for a steal from joann’s:

I need to make a top to match but i have not gotten around to it..but i will show you all when i do. Here are the patterns for the two skirts one is out of print one is not, they are both simplicity:

I am going to try the full skirt with crepe back satin.

My last one and one of my favorites is my white fleece cape i made and embroidered the oes star in white on it *i have an


machine a small one* It is a McCall’s Pattern

Misr Temple/Court Ball 2007

The most advanced thing have made todate was a dress i made for Misr Ball. Being in DOI, you have to wear all white. I picked Vouge Pattern 2776 Vouge Pattern 2776, I LOVE this dress, i want to make another one in black, any whoo, i made the dress, but being a soild size 26 in patterns, and Vouge cuts small, i was not sure how to tackel this issue. So i choose a top from another pattern i had on hand. A Simplicty patter *i will post a pic of the pattern when i can find the cover sheet* FOUND IT WOOHOO lol i made the top from this pattern….

I ended up having to add about a 5″ panel in the skirt, and 2″ on each side of the top. I love the fabric, which is a very flowy polly that is close to the $33 a yard silk that i really wanted to use, but the kid is not ball’n like that.

Here is a pic of me before the ball in my dress

The caplett i loved this material and i want to make a couple more, for other events. I plan on finishing the dress to my satification before the next time i have to wear it. I need to adjust the top again, too loose at the bust and too snug on my midsection, plus i need to drop some weight which is a whole other blog lol, and the skirt is too big so i need to take some of the panel out and refinish the waist band. Also i will be adding some frog closures to the caplett and the skirt. I took the zipper out of the top. I dont like zippers in tops, yes i am odd that way lol.

Here are a couple more shots of me that night: