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Confessions of a Non-Nappy Head

Any one who has known me a while knows my issues with my hair….I dont have what i call “regular” black folks hair.

My hair will not afro like Angela Davis *loved her fro in the 70’s*

In the ’90s braids became uber popular again, but not only corn rows but individuals and micros, it was the start of the natural hair movement, or at least the first time i became aware of it.

Let me give you a little back ground on me, i am a black woman, that is how i see my self, not a biracial, not multi-racial, but black.  Now my hair tells a bit of a different story, my family DNA is comprised of several different ethic back grounds, from Native American, European, Asian, and of course Africa.  My hair and my features tell a tale of a girl/woman who aint all black.

Growning up i was told i have “Good Hair” i often wondered why it was called that.  I though every one had hair like me.  Almost every one in my family had hair like mine.  My hair is very soft, very thin, and wavy/curly.  I have hair like my Dad, his mom and sister.  My mom’s hair is a bit thicker than mine but still not a nap any where to be seen.

When i was 14 i got my first relaxer, it was great, it was wonderful my hair would stay straight all the time even when i would sweat.  Now i didnt need a touch up but once every 6 months.

At 18 i started to color my hair, i started out with Posner rinse, it was a purple color, though out college i would experiment with color, while still getting relaxers.  I went lighter and lighter on my hair color until i found a orangish-red color that i adore by Textures &Tones called Flaming Desire. 

Relaxing and coloring were taking a tole on my hair.  I had to make a choice.  So the color won out, i have not relaxed my hair since 1999.  I miss my relaxer.  I did not do it for the nappy haired movement, i feel left out of the nappy haired movement.  I have visited a few of these natural hair site, and to my dismay there are very few people with hair like mine on there.  I wonder if they feel like i feel… Your not really black or not black enough if your hair is not nappy.

The Nappy-Nazi as i call them, kill me.  They want to push their point of view on every one.  The want to shout from the roof tops the evils of the creamy crack, and bash any one who dares to appose that point of view.

While i think it is wonderful that many women of color have embraced their natural texture and kinks and curls.  I feel there is a large segment of women of color who are in hair limbo like me.

It is hard for me to find hair care products for my hair that wont dry it out *stuff made for Europeans* or that has so much oil in it, it will weight my hair down leaving it limp *stuff made for black folks*

I have found a few products made by multi-racial people that works for me for the time being, like Blended Beauty

Currently my hair is growing out of a bad hair cut, so i have been sporting wigs lol.  Here are a few pictures of my hair, i will post more when i get home.


Time to Make that Change

So its almost summer, i will be 35 in less than a month. I have no idea what i will do to celebrate and my money is funny…..soo i am looking for some changes in my life.. well mostly my hair…i dont know if it is because i have been letting my hair grow for the past 9 years or if it is turning 35 or because … the wind blew too hard….ion know..but i want a bob and some bangs….

Now i wish i was as brave as NIC in my DCSG group who has a short natural…..I LOVE IT!!! but i think my head and face are too big for all that… any who i am ready for the chop…so i have an appointment on Friday to see my stylist Tiffany who got a little too happy when i said i wanted to cut my hair… I dont know how the bob will look in the summer when i wear my hair naturally curly…I dont have a relaxer…but i do color my hair this lovely orange color…so fab on me 😉

So here are a few styles i liked… not sure which one will talk to me but i will post pics after friday

Now this 2nd one i just love but i dont know if i am ready to go that short….we shall see


Here is my new  hair cut 🙂 new cut