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Make Up

I love Make-Up and youtube has helped to fuel my addiction and helped me to get back into it.   So here are a few make-up tutorials i like to follow:

Make up Geek – I love her, she makes makeup fun and that i can actually copy the looks she does….

Xsparkage – I love her hair color and the colors that she puts together

Enkore – LOVE HIM gives great tips on how to get good quality brushes and makeup and not break the bank

Petrilude – Does some great looks, not sure if i would copy them all but he has great tips and looks that inspire me to create some of my own

Caskew7– Can identify with her MAC addiction and loves some of the every day looks for women of color.

EmsyJay – love her sense of humor and her love of classical music as well as makeup, great inspired looks

eyeXluvXmakeup– Loves her color choices and her wig collection, and not afraid to take risks with colors on brown skin.

These are just a few of the people i follow on youtube, you can see all of my subscriptions on my page ASweetie06

Check them out…have fun and happy shopping…..