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A Day In History

I sit back and reflect on January 20, 2009 and how this day will go down in history.  The day many of us young and old never thought we would live to see.  A day where the old guard has changed.  Where not only black men and women but every other race of people came together and did a collective sigh and cry.  That this man is giving us hope for the future, like the old negro spiritual “Lift Every Voice and Sing”


President Obama is a different kind of Prez, he is calling not only for congress and our elected leaders to come together he is calling for ALL Americans to come together, roll up their sleeves and help out their fellow man. To get back to some traditional ways of doing thing and life.  You dont have to be rich and famous to give your time to your community.

While the economy is still in the dumper and we are still at war, i can smile a little brighter and breath a little easier that some of the Dream that Dr. King had as come to pass….

If you are intersted in volunteering please check out

Please each one give back, reach out and help some one else 🙂